Web of evil – 50th Edition

Nina Radetich and Jim Prather KTNV Channel 13 loves to trumpet its “Action News.” And news anchor and reporter Nina Radetich knows about all about action — unethical action that vomits on the very face of journalism. In March, before a Channel 13 story aired about local auto repair chain Tire Works allegedly scamming customers, Radetich was recorded trying to sell Tire Works owner Roshie Weightman the spin services of Radetich’s PR flack boyfriend Jack Finn. Radetich’s punishment for trying to leverage her role as a journalist to help swain Finn make a few bucks, further tarnishing the already-smeared rep of Channel 13? Nothing. Apparently blinded her supposed star power, Channel 13 General Manager Jim Prather refused to fire her — despite having axed previous reporters for lesser offenses.
By lasvegascitylife.com

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