Part-timing at the degree mill – 219th Edition

The crisis in part-time university instruction is even more pressing at for-profit institutions, where the schools’ very business model and commuter design tends to generate a largely adjunct system. These schools often make no secret of the fact that they are delivering education driven by the bottom line, where students are viewed not so much as learners of knowledge but as consumers purchasing a product for a steep fee. As John Curtis, spokesperson for the American Association of University Professors, says, “The biggest difference in the for-profit sector is that there the faculty is almost entirely contingent. Federal data from 2005 indicates that, even among regionally accredited for-profit institutions, only 0.3 percent of full-time faculty members had tenure; 90 percent of all faculty members were employed part-time. And we would even question whether the reported full-time faculty is truly fulfilling a faculty role as opposed to an administrative one.”

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