Las Vegas – Gold Coast Casino and Hotel buffet – Review

This is the first in a series of Vegas buffets that I will be doing. One major reason I go to Las Vegas is for the buffets. I seldom go to the more expensive fancy restaurants as I like to get more food for the money. Those who are buffet regulars know exactly what I mean:) Feel free to comment and give suggestions for future buffet reviews. Lets pig out!

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john91722 May 13, 2009 at 11:36 am

Visited this buffet many times as a stay at the Gold Coast represents a good value for Vegas.

Steam table serving has some drawbacks for foods that need to be crisp and freshly served. However stews, soap and braised type dishes tend not to suffer as much in the steam table setting. There is often some type of cook while you wait items- the omlette bar at breakfast is one I have seen.

There is great variety, so you can find dishes that are tasty and plentiful at an economical price.

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