‘It’s what’s inside you’ – 206th Edition

Star Trek: The Original Series 365, a recently released 4-pound brick of a book lush with remastered stills from every one of the 79 episodes that aired from 1966-’69, is a breviary for fans, a Tres Riches Heures of the Star Trek mythos. Here is the green-skinned Orion slave girl doing the Dance of the Seven Veils; the “salt vampire” that haunted my grammar-school dreams, a sad grotesque with a lampreylike mouth and woebegone eyes (it was the last of its kind); matte painter Albert Whitlock’s trompe l’oeil rendering of an alien citadel on Rigel VII, its Moorish domes and golden spires silhouetted against a gargantuan purple moon.
By lasvegascitylife.com

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