Investigation – 161th Edition

It’s been more than a decade since Dennis Lehane last published a novel featuring his iconic PI team of Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro. In the interim, all he’s done is become one of the most popular crime writers in the world on the strength of novels such as Mystic River and Shutter Island (and the award-winning films that came in their wake), as well as his sprawling masterpiece The Given Day. Now, with the release of Moonlight Mile, a sequel to Gone Baby Gone, Lehane picks back up with Kenzie and Gennaro as they face middle-age, parenthood and a world that is very changed since last we saw them. Getting back into their voices after 11 years was “easy at first,” Lehane says. “It was like an old pair of jeans. But after about three chapters or so, suddenly there was a reason I got rid of those jeans. I might be a little too fat for them, and they’re out of style.”

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