Condo or Hotel?

Luxury Condominium Interior Living Room

Luxury Condominium Interior Living Room

If you were to ask anyone who has visited Las Vegas “Where Should I stay?” their first response would probably be one of the Vegas Megas Resorts.

What most people overlook is the sheer number of Hi Rise Condominiums that reside within walking distance of “The Strip”. Many of these Condos are not owner occupied and owned by outside investors.  With the downturn on the economy more and more of these condos are for sale or available for rent.

Should You choose Condo over a Hotel?

This really depends on the size of your party, the ammenties desired and the budget you have established. Condo’s can be a great bargain as short term rentals and offer additional space plus peace and quiet not afforded some of the Mega Resorts. Condominium Rentals may not be as convenient for quick checkin and checkout for short term stays.

Where to Rent  Condominiums

Condo Owners List Your Rental

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