‘A lot of guys don’t know how to choke or spank’ – 299th Edition

Does sex feel like work? Sex never seems like work to me. In porn you’re changing positions and there are scenes. So it’s not like normal sex. There’s a lot going on that you have to think about, like the faces you make, where you look, making sounds, doing every position. There are some positions that suck. But you do them anyway and make them look hot. Since I’ve been doing porn and having sex with guys who really know how to have sex, it’s kind of ruined my personal life, in that I can’t do boring sex. Boring sex to me is one position. I like to do numerous positions, not just missionary. It’s so boring to me. I like guys who know how to fuck me hard and choke me. A lot of guys don’t know how to choke or spank.
By lasvegascitylife.com

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