Las Vegas Vacations – Come and Enjoy the Excitement!

Now in our 15th year compiling one of the easiest to use guides about what to do, see, and where to go! Las Vegas Vacations are pretty easy to plan for those who have been here before, but planning a trip to Las Vegas for first timers is a lot more involved.  Sure everyone knows they are going to need a Hotel Room, Transportation, Car Rental, Airline Tickets… the basics.  But that’s where the easy part ends and the difficult part begins. New

People enjoy gambling on Las Vegas Vacations

Fun at Las Vegas Gaming Tables

visitors usually underestimate two things – the scale of the Las Vegas Strip and the amount of walking in heat that they will do outside of the Casino Mega Resorts.

With the booming expansion which took place at the first part of the 2000’s Decade the available inventory of hotel rooms on or near the Strip shot up to nearly 140,000!  With the downturn in the economy suddenly the vast number of hotel rooms that was once thought to be needed to serve a growing number of Las Vegas Vacations patrons suddenly was not.

Many Hotel and Casino projects were stopped dead in their tracks or at least put on hold.  The biggest gamblers – the Hotel Resort Investors were faced with an over supply of Condominiums.  Following the Vegas Economic Climate is much like following the roller coaster at the top of NY NY!  Even though revenues are down for some the upper echelon of resorts still attracts visitors and is turning a profit.  What the future will hold is really anyone guess, not even the Professors at UNLV have been able to accurately gauge what will really happen.  It’ sour belief there will in fact be a fundamental shift in the way that Las Vegas Resorts do business and this shift will result in survival for the Strip, but at a much slower pace.

Las Vegas Vacations on a Budget

The bread and butter main street American Tourists are suffering and looking for top value when planing Las Vegas Vacations.  When considering Las Vegas you should take the time to shop around to find Las Vegas Hotels that are offering special bundles specifically tailored to your needs. We work with a company here that is locally based that offers Las Vegas Vacation Packages including room discounts, coupons, deals and special offers.  The best thing you can do while comparing hotel rates is to read the fine print.  Make sure you know the total price, not just the room rate.  There are companies that are aggressively marketing room price, but conveniently forgetting to tell you about the resort fees and the hidden taxes.  If your great deal doesn’t show you the “out the door” price for everything then you could actually end up paying a lot more for that Las Vegas Deal Room than you would at other more honest establishments.

Our advice is not to get so caught up on price right away.  Figure out where on the Strip you want to stay and then look at ALL of the available Hotel Resorts in the area.  If you arrive on a Sunday through Thursday schedule you may find that the Four Season Resort is actually within your budget.  And no one ever complains about exceptional service, luxury

Luxury Hotel - Las Vegas Four Seasons Hotel Room

Strip View Room at Four Seasons Las Vegas

bedding, oversize marble bathrooms with soaking tubs do they?  The Strip is fun, but so is escaping to true pampered luxury a fine upscale resort can offer.  We know everyone isn’t a millionaire but you can live like one for a couple of days if you plan right!

Las Vegas Vacations Usually Include Shows and Shopping

Sure you could come to Las Vegas and just play the slots all day long – a lot of people do.  But most people will also want to catch one of Vegas’ famous shows and do a little shopping.  With Caesars Forum Shops and the Fashion Show Mall right on the Strip within walking distance of the more popular Las Vegas Casino resorts you would be remiss not to indulge a bit and take something home with you besides your winnings!

It’s fun to walk through the Forum Shops just to see the free Fall of Atlantis show.  If you are bringing the kids along they will love it, and they’ll also love the fish tank aquariums.  While you are there you can pick up a quick meal at the nearby food court.  This is a nice place to just relax in air conditioned comfort, grab a bite to eat and do a little shopping.  The shopping ranges from moderate to very upscale.

If you want a more Traditional Mall experience then the Fashion Show Mall across the Street from the Wynn Resort is where you want to be.  You’ll find Nordstrom’s, Macey’s, Neiman Marcus and Dillard’s department stores and of course a food court.

But Las Vegas Vacations are not always just about the Strip.  Many people love to Golf at any one of several Local Area Golf courses.  Perhaps you’ll want to take a Helicoptor or Jeep Tour out to the Grand Canyon with a pit stop at the Hoover Damn.  We’ve met several people who come to Las Vegas each year and never even visit The Strip preferring to vacation on a house boat on Lake Mead.

Red Rock Canyon offers a lovely get away for a brief lunch.  Be prepared to fight the locals for parking spots on busy holidays.  Red Rock Canyon has become very popular.  It’s also very popular for Cyclists so please keep your eyes open and be courteous.

Las Vegas Forum Shops

Shopping - Forum Shops Las Vegas

Did you know about 10 million people a year visit Las Vegas from the State of California?  Many come over on Friday night and leave on Sunday evening so if you are planning a short stay you may find that the room you want at the popular resort is booked on the weekend.  This is why it’s a good idea to book well in advance if your trip includes a weekend stay on any popular holiday.

Las Vegas really does have a little something for anyone who just wants to get away and enjoy a little freedom or indulge their guilty pleasures.  We hope you have a great time and a great trip.  Thanks for visiting Las Vegas Vacations by